Tightening the circle

We all begin as Facebook sluts.

Those first few weeks after successfully signing onto the famed network are saturated with anxiety inducing spates of patience as you wait for long lost friends, awkward school mates, current colleagues and family members to accept your friend requests.

There’s a certain fulfillment in having your friend count expand. The slutting has begun.

Some time then passes. Be it a week or a few months, but it’s not likely to be more than a year or so, before the novelty wears off with an audible thud. The lure of having as many friends begins to wear off. The slutting has begun to get old.

Dealing with slight pangs of guilt as you unfriend people who weren’t actually friends to begin with is the next social networking hurdle. Fortunately, the pangs subside when you notice how clean and simple your timeline is now that you’ve adopted this selective friendliness. The slutting is over.

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