About me

Aiden CholesThe stories that I live out and define me most are that of a husband and father, a man of faith, a business owner, a writer and thinker, an avid mountain biker and a curios skeptic. I’m proud to have recently self-published my first two books. I’ve written as a blogger for sometime (on and off) but have now put my efforts into writing de:humanise and The Broken Boss. I’m hopeful that there will be more to come.

I live in Benoni where I’m married to Samantha and father to Daniel and Oliver. I spend most of time run running The Narrative Lab, my little organisational development and research consultancy, where I gather and work with people’s stories. I’m very curious about the stories people have to tell about their experiences in this life and how our lives follow storylines. I’m also deeply interested in how we make sense of this world in the context of a loving God, a faithful community and a messed up world.