Biblical excavations

It fascinates me the way people use the Bible, especially the way people interpret it and use it to make sense of the world around us.

I received an email a little while back that explained how the Bible predicts that Barack Obama is the long-awaited anti-Christ. Read on … and I quote:

IN Luke Chapter 10, verse 18, And He said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning falling from the heavens.

From Strong's word number 1299, A primitive root to lighten (lightning) cast forth: baraq

From baraq: lightning by analogy, a gleam concretely, a flashing sword–bright, glitter (-ing sword), lightning. Hebrew: baraq.

The Book Of Isaiah is the origin or source of the concept of Satan or Lucifer as Isaiah calls him in Chapter 14 especially in Verses 12 through 19. Chapter 14 Lucifer said, “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, i will be like the most high.” In the verses from Isaiah that mention Satan it says that Satan has fallen from the heights or from the heavens or a high sacred place. The Hebrew word, 1116, for this word for heights is bamah (pronounced Bam-maw) IN Hebrew the letter 'wah' or 'vah' is often transliterated as a 'U' or an 'O'. It is primarily used as a conjunction to join concepts together. So to join in Hebrew poetry the concept of lightning or baraq and a high place like heaven or the heights of heaven the letter, 'U', or sometimes 'O' the Hebrew letter 'wah' would be used. So Baraq “0” Bam-Maw (or Baraq “U” Bam-Maw) in Hebrew poetry similar to the style written in Isaiah would translate literally as lightning and the heights or the heavens or lightning from the heights of the skies or the heavens. The word, Satan, is Sa-tan in Hebrew, a direct translation. So back to Jesus' prophesy in Luke Chapter 10 verse 18, And He said unto them, I behold Satan as lightning falling from the heavens. If spoken by a Jewish rabbi, today, influenced by the poetry of Isaiah he would say these words in Hebrew, the words of Jesus in Luke Chapter 10 in verse 18: 'And I saw Satan as Baraq-O-bamah. Did Jesus reveal to us the name of the anti-Christ? I report, you decide.

I dunno. I find this exercise of logic a little dubious. Firstly, it is such a stretch of linguistic interpretation, and secondly, if this was indeed true, how come we did not know before Obama became president that he was indeed the anti-Christ? It sounds like a prime case of retrospective interpretation to me.

But hey, who am I to judge? I'll have egg on my face if the interpretation is correct.

See you at the Pearly Gates …

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