Hating my sin

One of the things you cannot ignore if you choose to believe in and follow Jesus is the concept of personal sin.

For years I have revolted against the notion.

But of late, I have come to realise how important it is for me to grapple with my own sin as I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but for me to really walk the path, I've begun to see how I need to hate my own sin to move beyond it. I have begun to make progress when exploring the hate I have for my own sin.

I'll give one example.


There is an aspect to looking at porn that tries to convince me that it is not thaaaat bad. After all, the ladies are so beautiful … how can this be evil … and sinful?

And so, my sin starts to entice me.

I've begun to learn that part of the journey of conquering an addiction to porn is learning to hate my sin. I have found it helpful to explore how I hate what porn does to me. Hate what it does to my personality. Hate what it does to my ideas of healthy sexuality. Hate what it does to my ideas of a sexual partner. Hate how it influences the type of father I'll be one day.

And hate who I am when I look at porn.

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