A new look for aidencholes.com

I woke up on the 1st of January, jumped onto my mountain bike (yes, that’s how low key our New Year’s Eve was!) and  wondered what the year ahead would entail as I pedaled through the majestic contours of Ballito. Ordinarily one would consider possible New Year’s resolutions during the course of December, in the build up to the coming year. However, I’ve discovered that parenting changes that oft loved practice. Holidays are no longer the contemplation filled retreats that they used to be with long walks on the beach. They are instead now action packed sojourns, allowing precious little time for one to recede into the cognitive hallways of reflection and thinking.

One aspect of 2012 I chose to influence, knowing full well that the majority of the year would escape my will and end up panning out the way it will, was to refurbish my portal into the interweb. And so, thanks to the design prowess of Anthony van Beek, the new look aidencholes.com is open to the world … enjoy.

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