Triviality of Facebook

If we are ‘friends’ on Facebook I’m really quite interested in what you think & what you’re up to, but it often means I’ve got to be exposed to EVERYTHING you’re up to. This is potentially a very good thing. If you’re a friend that lives overseas we don’t get to see each other much (or at all) so I thrive on your updates. I feel privileged to be alive in this day and age, one in which we can enjoy unprecedented connectedness in the face of geographic constraints.

However, this is also an annoyance. Why? Well, because some friends do tell me what they’re up to via Facebook, BUT they tell me things I cannot possibly be interested in. Ever. Status updates about the latest Manchester United game don’t tell me anything about your life (but they do tell me about who you really are by supporting a game whose ball is the wrong shape!). An update about what you’re eating in no way deepens our friendship. The fact that it is the weekend and that you’re going to relax big time is well, the same fact for all of us at that same point in time (except that Einstein’s special theory of relativity would argue with this).

When I haven’t seen you for years, and crave the connectedness that Facebook provides, I’m really not interested in the food cravings you’re suffering from, or the only slightly interesting food you’re eating at the moment.

Is it too much to want some level of meaningful status updates along with the boring and banal?

I mean, if by some means I had just picked you up in my car and that we hadn’t seen each other in a while. You wouldn’t ordinarily tell me, as the conversation starter, how you so loved the amazing ice cream your mom brought home last night?

Ok, so maybe you would. And that would be the last time we road trip together.

Nonetheless, I have no doubt that there are immeasurably more interesting aspects of your life to share on Facebook, no?

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